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6-Well Flat-Bottom with Lid
제조사 Falcon
원산지 USA
부가세 부가세별도
배송료 100,000원 이상 구매시 배송료 무료

선택 Code 옵션명 규격 판매단위 판매가 수량
FA.353046 6-Well Flat-Bottom with Lid Standard Tissue Culture, 1/tray, 50/cs CASE 158,000 원
BD Falcon™ Multiwell Cell Culture Plates
■ Cystal-grade polystyrene
■ Sterilized by gamma irradiation
■ Nonpyogenic
■ Nontreated polystyrene, standard tissue-culture BD Primaria™ surface treatments available
■ Convenient, peel-open medical-style packing for sterile product presentation
■ Individual and Ready-Stack tray are PET and recyclable
6-Well Flat-Bottom With Lid
■ Growth Area : 9.6㎠
■ Well Volume : 15.5ml