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25cm² / 50mL Canted Neck Flasks
제조사 Falcon
원산지 USA
부가세 부가세별도
배송료 100,000원 이상 구매시 배송료 무료

선택 Code 옵션명 규격 판매단위 판매가 수량
FA.353014 25㎠ Canted Neck Flasks Standard Tissue Culture, Plug-seal cap, 20/bag, 200/CS(FA.353014) CASE 279,000 원
FA.353108 25㎠ Canted Neck Flasks Standard Tissue Culture, Vented cap, 20/bag, 100/CS(FA.353108) CASE 160,000 원
BD Falcon™ Cell Culture Flasks
■ Sterilized by gamma irradiation
■ Nonprogenic
■ Volumetric graduations and writing patch
■ Vented caps incorporate a 0.2㎛ hydrophobic membrance
■ Phenolic contain nontoxic liners
■ As with most BD Falcon™ products, cell culture flasks are manufactured under a regstered ISO 9002 Quality System
■ Growth area and volume are nominal

25㎠ Canted Neck Flasks
■ Total Volume : 50ml