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Sample Tube
제품가격 가격문의
제조사 SPL

선택 Code 옵션명 규격 판매단위 판매가 수량
SPL50221 Sample Tube 20ml / 25x73ml 25Sleeve/500Case 0 원
■ SPL sample Tube is designed for storage of various clinical samples. SPL lifesciences provides very high
endurance and non-toxic tube to meet the various demands of customers.
Used for medical sampling and storage
Tight seal with screw cap
External graduations with marking area
Clear polypropylene(PP)
Skirted, self-standing type
■ 스크류 cap
제품 외부에 눈금 및 마킹부위
투명한 폴리프로필렌
자립형(Skirted, self-standing) 타입의 외형
무독성 원재사용
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